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When will the Sunflower system start shipping?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our manufacturing plans were delayed. We currently estimate delivering the first systems to our customers in 2022. The delivery schedule will depend on the sensor configuration you’ve selected and the availability of installers in your area. (Professional installation is not required, but it’s highly recommended.) We’ll contact all pre-order customers to coordinate shipping details.

How much will it cost?

The total cost of the Sunflower system depends on the property configuration, your location and timeframe for delivery. Our online customization tool lets you visualize your property on a map and create the configuration of sensors that best meets your property's unique needs. For a specific quote - please contact us at

How do you deal with current drone regulations?

We will comply with all local, state, and federal regulations applicable to the operation of the Sunflower system in your area. While today's regulations place limits on autonomous drone flight, our system is designed to work within the regulatory framework while still providing a great deal of utility for homeowners. Over time we expect the regulations to evolve and allow for new and broader uses of our system.

How are the sunflowers different from normal motion-activated lights?

Most motion-activated lights contain only one or two motion sensors to cover a large area. These sensors typically go off whenever something moves, even if it’s just a branch in the wind.

Sunflowers, on the other hand, contain over a dozen sensors that can detect motion and vibration. They share information with one another, essentially comparing notes to reduce false alarms. They learn your property’s daily activities and use information from other smart home devices to make the best alert decisions possible.

Where should I place my sunflowers?

Place your Sunflowers in important security areas, such as around your home's front and rear entrances. You may want to place one in your front yard close to the road, another near your front door, and one on each side of your backyard.

Our online customization tool will help you select the number of sensors right for your needs. Once you’ve pre-ordered your system, we'll offer detailed installation tips before delivery.

Where should I install the hive?

Place the hive in your backyard, patio or garden. It is roughly the same size as a dog house and should be placed out of the way of foot traffic and under an open sky.

In the future, we plan to provide additional installation options, like roof mounts.

How many sunflowers do I need to cover my property?

Coverage depends on factors such as property size and shape, as well as density of trees and shrubs. During the purchasing process, we will provide a recommendation for adequate coverage for a given property.

How do the sunflowers manage privacy?

Unlike many smart home security solutions, Sunflowers do not contain any video cameras. Rather, they use a combination of motion and vibration sensors to detect when and where activity happens, and they use AI to learn the normal patterns of activity on your property. When something seems out of the ordinary, you’ll receive an alert on your mobile device.

Will I need to charge the bee?

No, the Bee is self-charging. It lands precisely in its housing, which charges it while it is docked.

Do I need to pilot the bee myself?

No. The Bee is fully autonomous. You will never need to launch, pilot, or land the bee yourself. However, if you would like to inspect a particular part of your yard or home, you can use the Sunflower app to tell the Bee to go look at a specific spot.

How long does the bee fly?

The Bee is operational for around 15 minutes when fully charged. We reserve some additional flight time to safely return and land in the hive. Our typical deployments last just 2-3 minutes, and the re-charge rate is very fast – so the Bee should be always ready to go at a moment's notice.

Our unique charging system is capable of fully recharging the bee in about 25 minutes.

How much area can a bee cover?

You can deploy the Bee up to 300 feet away from the Hive. This allows the Bee to reach any point in the covered area in under 30 seconds. This covers approximately 4 acres of land.

Can I get a refund of my reservation fee?

Yes. For reservation refunds, contact Sunflower support:

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