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Digital Trends

Sunflower Labs’ Bee is a fully autonomous home defense and observation drone

Imagine for a moment a scenario where someone enters your yard uninvited. Maybe they...
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This autonomous security drone is designed to guard your home

One of the new products unveiled at CES this year is a new kind of home security system...
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I remotely patrolled a house with a $10,000 security drone

A residential security drone that, once deployed, can check out disturbances autonomously.
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Associated Press

Drone security system watches over home from above

Drone security system watches over home from above
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This home security drone will help you tell possums from prowlers

A drone might be your next guard dog.
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The Verge

Sunflower Labs is building a drone surveillance system for high-end homes

Sunflower Labs represents a new kind of drone company.
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