Surround your home
with brighter security

The Sunflower system senses and deters unwanted visitors before they're at your door.

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An outdoor security system with three essential components


Sunflowers learn your property's routines

They'll alert you to unusual activity and illuminate the situation. Designed to minimize false alarms and create a beautiful ambiance.

  • Identifies people, animals and cars
  • Senses speed and direction of approach
  • Creates a beautiful ambiance with warm lighting


The bee flies autonomously to the scene

Its camera captures precisely what's happening. You can also direct the bee to specific locations on your property.

  • Flies entirely by itself
  • Guided by the sunflowers' sensors
  • Navigates your property with precision
  • Streams live video and records for later


The hive provides a self-charging, weatherproof home

When the bee's work is done, it returns itself safely to the hive. With the Sunflower system, constant camera surveillance just isn't necessary.

  • Lands and charges the bee effortlessly
  • Protects the bee from weather
  • Houses the system's computer

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